In accordance with Federal law, the SDCCU Stadium operates several venue rules and policies. Please read through these and observe them carefully during your visit. Remember that these are in place for your safety and enjoyment, and for that of other fans.


Alcohol will be sold from the time gates open until end of the third quarter to those aged 21 or above. Fans may only purchase or carry two drinks at a time.

Proof of ID, such as a drivers license, military ID, or passport must be shown in order to purchase alcohol.

Any visitor perceived by management to be acting in a disorderly or intoxicated manner will not be served alcohol, and may be asked to leave the venue.

Bag Policy

Food may be brought into the venue in a small plastic bag under 12”x12”x12”. Two factory-sealed plastic water bottles ½ liter, 17 oz. or less are permitted per person. Bottles, cans, coolers, backpacks and bags larger than the above size limit must be left at home or in your vehicle. All guests will be subject to a bag search. To save time, we strongly recommend you bring as few bags and items with you as possible.


Homemade banners and signs may be brought into the stadium, but these must follow the following guidelines: to be directly related to the game, not to carry offensive images or language, and not to obstruct the view of other guests or interfere with the stadium’s existing flags. Poles and sticks are not permitted. Any flag or banner found not to comply with these rules may be confiscated by management.

Simply be respectful and mindful of the others around you and most importantly – enjoy the show!

For a brief history on SDCCU Stadium and for more information, please visit the SDCCU Stadium information page.